Forest scheme in severn Trent area

Farmers and landowners in the Midlands are to be offered the opportunity to plant woodland on areas of 2.2 to 5 acres. The scheme has been expended to include smaller areas on any total land parcel of 10 acres or more. This is in addition to the river authority’s main tree planting scheme that is open to larger land areas greater than 10 acres.

The aim is to enhance biodiversity and soil health on the unproductive land in the Severn Trent catchment area.

As part of the scheme, Severn Trent will cover the sourcing of the trees and it is then down to the landowner or farmer to plant them. maintenance payments of £800/acre will then be paid for the next 10 years.

Severn Trent is also planning on setting up each site with a Biodiversity Net Gain baseline assessment. Land managers can use these to attain biodiversity credits.

There is also an annual premium payment of £200 per hectare for the first 10 years for sites over 8 hectares. This involves the water authority planting and mangling the woodland for 35 years, including taking on the carbon code paperwork. At the end of the 35 year period Severn Trent will hand the carbon credits back to the landowner.

Photo by Vitor Monthay on Unsplash