Healthy Hedgerows: from single lines to landscape scale planting

Despite their humble appearance, healthy hedgerows support much of Britain’s wildlife, from winter visitors like fieldfares and redwings, to bats, butterflies and hedgehogs. They also quietly provide many different ecosystem functions and services, including flood control, carbon storage and pollination. Yet, to keep hedgerows healthy and providing this multitude of benefits to wildlife and humans long into the future, they need careful management.

An online course to help farmers and land managers plan their hedge planting and maintenance is taking place on 19 January from 6.30-7.30pm. This free course will cover things such as: the importance of hedgerows to wildlife; key ecosystem services and functions provided by hedges, the features of a healthy hedge, the natural hedgerow cycle; hedgerow management.

People joining the course will also learn all about the Hedgerow app.

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