Ponds: Call for action

Following a fascinating morning looking at ponds at Muckleton Farm, the NNCG is all set to start a potentially exciting collaboration with the UCL to resurrect some of the lost or neglected ponds of Norfolk.

We know that across Norfolk farmland there are thousands of ‘ghostly or ghastly’ ponds that could be home to scores of insect and plant species, including some that haven’t been seen for years. We just need to make a commitment to do something about it. The event at Muckleton Farm was the start of that undertaking.

The process to restoring these invaluable resources for nature is as follows:

  • Sign up to the project.
  • Decide which ponds on your land you would like to clear, resurrect or even create.
  • Enlist help and support from family, friends, community or tap into the local, knowledgable pool of volunteers (The Norfolk Ponds Project will help here).Use the Ponds Project app to monitor the state of your selected ponds.
  • Work with NNCG and FiPL to explore funding options for your own pond project.*

*This could include funding for assessment, work on the pond or help with creating some form of public access – a viewing platform from a footpath for example – if that was the desired outcome.┬áThe ambition of this project will be determined by the people who sign up.

Just a few people signing up will provide pockets of natural habitat for wildlife but if we can get real enthusiasm for the project going then we could have networks of richly populated natural habitat all over our corner of the UK.

If you would like to be a part of this project, which feeds into the wider Water for Wildlife initiative, then let us know (email sarah@nncg.org.uk) and we can work together on the next steps to create something really ‘ponderful’