RPA: No limits for capital grants

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) has updated its rules on the Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants for 2023, with a major announcement regarding payment limits.

Historically, there have been three categories of schemes for which funding could be received from the RPA, each with a grant limit of £20,000 and a total ceiling of £60,000.

The latest update by the RPA has introduced an additional group of schemes with no limit of grant funding for capital items across all four new categories.
These are: boundaries, trees and orchards; water quality; air quality; and natural flood management.

A new offer – CS Higher Tier Capital Grants – has been introduced, offering 3-year agreements for capital items which deliver additional environmental benefits without the need for a CS Higher Tier agreement.

Land in a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is now eligible for capital items if the land is already covered by an existing CS or Environmental Stewardship (ES) agreement.

Participants in Sustainable Farming Incentive pilots can apply for CS Capital Grants (SFI pilot) on land which is not being used in the SFI pilot.

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