Tree seed stock to be supported

Safeguarding the UK’s tree stock and tree seed sources is at the heart of government funding worth £750,000.

Domestic tree seed production is to be ramped up and biosecurity enhanced with a Domestic Seed Sourcing Grant, provided by DEFRA.

The grant is designed to enhance the quantity, quality and diversity of tree seed sources in England. Most tree seed planted in the UK is of British origin, but evidence suggests that British seed sources may struggle to meet future demand across all species and there are known to be global shortages of tree seed. The grant will boost domestic tree seed production and support green jobs, helping meet the increased demand for trees.

Eligible activities for the grant include planning and planting of new seed stands – the groups of trees in the landscape from which seed is collected – as well as planning and planting of new seed orchards. Those who manage existing seed stands can also apply for the grant.

Image courtesy: Richard Loader on Unsplash